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Motorimageworks offers an unique range of expertise and experience. Clients' creative options and budget-reach are extended with access to a comprehensive range of production options.

Most of the Images Images on this site were created using a blend of 'in house' production methods ranging from:

  • Original studio/location photography
  • 3D CGI (backgrounds or vehicles)
  • Retouching.

See 'Behind the scenes' (PDF)

Independent retouching services:

photo Margot Duane

Philip Chudy leads the MotorImageWorks team.
He has shot for major advertising campaigns in UK Europe and USA. His work has ranged from surreal still life/product and automotive, to purist documentary/fine art gallery work. Notable expertise since mid 90's is hands-on 3D CGI rendering and complex post production.

Originally from Zimbabwe, and now working from San Francisco, California, Philip operated from studios in London Edinburgh and Frankfurt.
Non-automotive images may be viewed at: